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The JCAP family of companies began in June of 2000 as a response to clients’ demand for highly personalized service in the finance industry. As a boutique customer centric company, catering to high net worth individuals and corporate clients, JCAP delivers relevant service and timely support in the  finance world. Committed to protection and personal service, JCAP serves our customers and community through unparalleled attention to detail through our state of the art systems and support facilities. Our professional staff stands ready to advise and to guide you.

The JCAP team focuses on educating and building relationships looking for a partners with a “customer first” philosophy.

“Short-Term, Low Loan-to-value Real Estate loans offer Safe, High-Yield investments for our investors, while quickly solving a short-term problem for our loan clients.” We are committed to bringing unparalleled professionalism and service to our community.


About Our CEO


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Bob Eakin started his career over 25 years ago in the mortgage industry. He was named in the Top 50 Mortgage Originators over 750,000 loan officers in the USA. Bob contributes his success to an unprecedented dedication to people. “We care and we serve.” Our products are secondary to our desire to enhance the lives of our investors and our clients.

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