Types of Loans

Short-Term, Low Loan-to-value Real Estate loans offer Safe, High-Yield investments for our investors, while quickly solving a short-term problem for our loan clients.

Bridge Loan

Bridge loans allow a property owner to purchase a new home by borrowing equity from an existing property. Since your loan is secured by an existing property, our team at JCAP can accept a loan application from borrowers with average or bad credit.

Stated Income Loan

Stated income loans are great for buying an additional rental property for extra income or fixing and flipping homes. JCAP Private Lending works hard to support small businesses which is why we will find a real estate loan that suits your needs.

Construction Loan

If you need to start from scratch and tear down your home in California, we can give you a large construction loan up to $5 million.. At JCAP, we also offer smaller remodel loans in case you want to spruce up your kitchen or add on an additional bathroom. Whatever your preference is, we can find you a loan that works for your situation.

Probate Loan

A probate loan is a loan on inherited property. The estate is either in probate or in the process of going through a trust administration process. Heirs utilize this loan for many reasons, including getting early access to an asset since the probate process can take months.

Fix and Flip Loan

Fixing and flipping homes is becoming all the. Although HGTV shows like Flip or Flop and Master of Flip make fixing and flipping homes look easy, JCAP understands that the construction and funding process take longer than an hour-long episode. What they don’t show is the difficulty of finding a loan with a traditional bank or running out of money mid-construction.

Business Loan

If you don’t qualify for a traditional business loan, you can easily apply for a collaterized business loan with the best private lender in California – JCAP Private Lending. Because your business loan will be backed by your real estate, the approved project is fast. This is great news for business owners with big right offs challenged credit or if you are opening a new business.

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Our Customer Stories

Check out how we help people with their biggest personal financial component, solving for the best financial solution. We are here to help you with your short-term financing needs.

I first started doing business with JCAP in 2013 when an associate recommended them to help us secure a mortgage for a property in foreclosure. Since then I have used them three times to secure other financing that no one else could ever provide. They are simply in a class by themselves.

Mortgage Broker

I called JCAP with a deal that needed funding quick. They gave me the pricing over the phone and the rest was history. The quickest and easiest process I have ever been through with a private lender.

Mortgage Broker

I reached out to JCAP about a short term bridge financing and they walked me through the whole process. We ended up funding and closing the deal within a week.

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