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Jason Harris


Paul Wirth Vice President Lending

Paul Wirth

Vice President Lending

Aaron Siefker, Vice President Lending

Aaron Siefker

Vice President Lending

Armik Arakelian

Vice President Lending

Why Jcap?

Jcap Private Lending is a trusted nationwide direct lender in the short term bridge loan space specializing in purchase, refinance and fix & flip loans for single family to four units, multifamily and commercial properties.  Jcap works primarily with a nationwide broker network that sources loan opportunities through their local networks.

Jcap provides investors and rehabbers with short term capital. Jcap relies on its ability to make decisions quickly and meet the borrower deadlines. We work to price loan scenarios on the same day they are received and provide a simple one step submission process that will move loans directly to underwriting. 


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Our Process is Easy

A 5 step quick, simple and convenient process to help you close in as soon as 5 days!

  1. Call or submit your scenario to an account executive.
  2. Your account executive provides pricing and feedback
  3. Submit required loan documents
  4. Our underwriting team goes hard to work to close your deal.
  5. Deal Closed!