Signs That Prove You Have a Good General Contractor

The success of a construction project greatly depends on the General Contractor (GC), who acts as the construction coordinator and  leader. A General Contractor is responsible for ensuring that the daily tasks are properly and efficiently completed. He works on the budget and task schedules and often settles misunderstandings and problems between crew members. 

A General Contractor Is also responsible for keeping the site safe and protecting the workers from accidents and dangers. Sometimes, a GC has to act as a bridge between the construction crew and other workers.

But the most important role of a General Contractor is to oversee the construction project and make sure that everything is running smoothly, tight schedules are followed, daily goals are achieved, and the project stays on budget..

If your General Contractor can follow through with all his obligations, and if he possesses the following characteristics or qualities, your project should be a success.


1. Has contractor insurance


A good General Contractor is insured with contractors insurance because he values everyone’s safety, including yours. This insurance offers protection for you and your business from accidents and injuries that can happen during work hours. Thus, it protects you from serious financial risk.

With contractor insurance, you won’t have to worry about spending for medical bills or doctor’s fees if someone  is hurt or gets into an accident. The insurance will take care of the expenses for you.


2. Knows the skills and abilities of every crew member


A good General Contractor knows his crew members. He knows how to motivate them to fulfill daily goals and objectives. He knows every worker’s strongest and weakest points so that he can assign the right task to the right person. 

A good General Contractor can influence his crew members’ mindset to one that is focused on optimum performance and delivery.


3. First-rate organizational skills


Exceptional organizational skills will help a GC plan out every detail and action needed for the construction project properly and efficiently. He pays attention to even the smallest aspect, constantly monitors progress, attends meetings, manages his crew, provides training and other opportunities for growth and improvement, and ensures that all tools and materials are ready.

A good General Contractor also knows how to anticipate and visualize what will happen in the coming days or weeks. As such, he can analyze the work that has to be completed.


4. Open to learning and improvement


A good GC is always looking for opportunities to learn, improve, and grow professionally. He shares these opportunities with his crew.


5. Knows how to maximize tools and equipment 


A hardworking and efficient General Contractor knows what the best tools and equipment are for the project. He knows the importance of keeping them well-maintained. He can comfortably and confidently coordinate with his people and help them understand why choosing the best tools and equipment is essential for the project’s success.

The GC is expected to encourage workers to also properly handle every tool and equipment they use. 


6. Good communication and interpersonal skills


A good General Contractor is a good communicator. He knows how to talk to and elicit a response from his crew. He:

– asks his working crew to repeat his instructions, or whatever he said to the

– listens to whoever is talking and does not interrupt

– allows working crew members to share their ideas

– knows how to control his emotions, so he does not scream, curse, or yell

A good construction foreman huddles with his crew at the start and end of every workday – onsite. These are the best times for sharing ideas, getting feedback, and addressing work-related issues.


7. Knows the importance of a safe working environment


Setting up safety rules and ensuring that workers understand them is one of the primary responsibilities of a General Contractor. He knows why each crew member should wear the proper work outfit, including safety glasses, a hard hat, and other essential equipment. 

A good General Contractor regularly reminds his crew about following safety precautions, and he often conducts safety audits.


8. Good customer relations


In a construction site, the team is divided into two groups: 1) the superintendent, manager, and the working crew; and 2) the owner, project architect, and general contractor. A good General Contractor treats everyone with respect and importance. His goal is to impress and satisfy by going the extra mile.  


9. Highly knowledgeable about the construction industry


Lastly, a good General Contractor knows the ins and outs of the construction industry. And he uses this knowledge to the project’s advantage.

Often, what makes a project successful is passion and dedication. If your General Contractor loves what he is doing and takes pride in the projects he does – combined with the characteristics listed above, your project is on the way to success.