Strategy: Fund Short-Term, High Yield, Low Leverged Real Estate Secured Loans

Offering Size: $10 Million

Minimim Investment:$50,000

Investor Term
6 Months: 6.0%
1 Year: 7.0%
2 Years:8.0%


Reporting: 1099
IRA Money OK

Investment Criteria

Strategy: Low Leverage Real Estate Debt
Collateral Type: Residential Properties ONLY


The Protected Principal Program is a debt strategy that
produces conservative returns to investors seeking short- term yield
secured by a proven model of funding Real Estate Loans that are
traded to buy and hold investors.

The Protected Principal Program uses its funds to close Short-Term Real Estate Loans through a Funding LLC (SPV). These Loans are characerized by low Loan to Values, High yields, and Short Terms,
typically 1-3 Years.

The SPV books the loans and then sells the loans to Buy and Hold investors. The sales cycle can be as short as 7 days. The investors’ interest is secured by the Real Estate Loans and Monies in the SPV.
The Short-Term nature of the strategy makes the program safe and

Asset Restrictions

1st Mortgages ONLY
Residential Property Only
LTV Exposure under 60%