philanthropy in real estate

We are asking for a grateful heart in giving to our friend Seth and his wife, Amie of 21 years. They have two beautiful children: daughter Kaenin 19, and son Tobias who is now 16. Seth is a veteran who has donated his life serving his family and our country in the Army.

Seth is 40 and is suffering from a rare type of cancer in the bone marrow that is killing his white blood cells and is leaving him fighting for his life.

He is going in for a bone marrow transplant and can use our help with donations to help support a meal train and his family’s expenses. His surgery is in mid-January and he will have no immune system in his 6 weeks of recovery. He will be in a hospital apartment with 1 person of his family there to watch over him 24 hours a day.

We have a non-profit where tax-deductible donations can be made through Venmo: @clubworld2020.

All monies donated will go to help Seth recover and to keep his family going while they help him fight the good fight. Our deepest thanks for all of your generous donations and prayers to a family who has given so much to our country and community. Let’s show our love and appreciation.

Philanthropic Contributions

Our CEO, Bob Eakin has been committed to partnering with non-profit organizations to improve the lives of people around the world for 25+ years.  He also believes that there are no walls when it comes to doing good, “we are all citizens of the world”.

Among some of his philanthropic efforts he has participated in a project to bring sight to the blind in Vietnam, a medical mission in Peru, local urban youth programs, and he volunteers at his local church every Sunday.