What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is money given to a borrower based on the property they own.  Private investors or companies usually distribute these asset-based loans when someone’s loan is denied by a bank, or they need a loan quickly.

When should I visit a private lender?

As a private lender, we are able to give you a loan quickly and efficiently. Jcap is not required to submit extensive paperwork such as debt ratio restrictions, tax return audits, and credit score requirements, so the process is stress-free. If your loan request has been denied by a bank, or you are mid-construction and need a loan to finish the job, visit Jcap Private Lending.

Why shouldn't I go to my bank for a loan?

If you need money fast, don’t count on your bank to get the job done. Banks go through a long, drawn out process when it comes to loans, and they are quick to turn away borrowers with bad credit. Jcap is a one-stop shop whether you need a foreclosure loan, probate loan, or a short-term real estate loan. Our Hard Money Team can approve your request and the money will be in your hands in as little as one week.

Can I trust a private money lender?

Absolutely. Private lenders have a bad reputation because of a select few bad apples in the industry. However in the past decade, the money lending business has taken a turn for the better, offering safe loans to people in need. At Jcap Private Lending, we have our borrowers’ and our investors’ best interest at heart so you can rest easy knowing that your money is in the right hands.

Do you offer large loans for my luxury home?

At Jcap Private Lending, we offer jumbo loans up to $5,000,000. So, if your bank refuses a loan request for your luxury home, call us and we can get you the funds you need.

I am flipping a house. Will a private lender be able to help me?

Yes! Our hard money loan experts specialize in fix and flip loans. Unlike traditional banks, we will give you enough money to cover the initial property costs in addition to the repair costs. Banks only take into account the current property value, but we understand that there is a large amount of money that goes into the “fixing” stage once the house is purchased.


What is a private lender?

Private lenders are non-traditional lending companies that use their money and investor funds to close Real Estate Loans quickly for a high yield.

Is Jcap different than other Private and Hard Money lenders?

Jcap invests in most of the deals that we fund.  We underwrite like an investor, not a lender or fund manager.  Jcap Private Lending takes extra precautions with the investor in mind. 

How am I protected as an investor?

We are here to serve you.  Our systems are built around Investor Yield and Safety.  In addition, Jcap Private Lending has 4 points of Protection: 1.  You decide which loan is the best investment for you.  2.  Funds are wired directly to the Title Company.  3.  You are a named Beneficiary on the Recorded Deed of Trust.  4.  A third party, fully bonded, service company is used to handle all payments and disbursement of funds.

How difficult is it to invest with Jcap?

Accredited investors participate with ease.  Jcap Private Lending has a paperless, automated system.  Investors get full access to the loan file for easy decisions.  When the borrowers make their monthly payments, money is electronically deposited into your account.

How is the reporting?

You receive 24/7 secure access to your portfolio.  You can easily track payments, yields…really anything you’d like to know about your loans.

What real estate locations does Jcap cover?

Please see our About page for a full list of locations we serve.

What kind of loans do you offer?

Please see the Loan Types page on our website for a full list with descriptions.

How much do private lenders loan out at a time?

Jcap Private Lending has the ability to provide a wide range of loans, from $100,000 to $5.0 million.

What are your interest rates?

At Jcap Private Lending, our interest rates are competitive with other lenders in the Southern California area. They range from 9.95% – 12.875% depending on the loan scenario.

What is the length of your loans?

Our average loan term is 12 months.

Why should I trust a private lender?

Jcap Private Lending has a firm grasp on the current real estate market. Our team has been doing Real Estate loans in Southern California for over 30 years.  We analyze each investment with yield and safety in mind.

Why should I invest with a private lender?

Jcap Private Lending offers a valuable investment opportunity to accredited investors in Southern California. It is a source of steady income (paid monthly) that is more reliable than investing in stocks or bonds. Yields are high and are secured by Deeds of Trust on every property.