Jeffrey Le

Loan Officer

My name is Jeffrey Le and I’m from Orange County, CA. Growing up, you could always find me exploring the great outdoors, especially on my skateboard. Skateboarding from a young age has fostered a mindset of always getting back up when you stumble and the importance of pushing yourself to accomplish your goals. This mentality has helped pave the way for my future and influences my drive to succeed in the real estate world. I love that my job allows me to literally make peoples’ dreams of home ownership become a reality. The job is not done until the client gets their keys!
What led you to pursue a career in real estate?
The entrepreneurship lifestyle of being your own boss is what really sparked my interest in real estate.
If you could make one announcement for the world to hear, what would you say?
Never give up on your dreams! But remember, they will never become a reality unless you go after them.
What place do you wish to visit one day?
Tokyo, Japan
If you could have dinner with anybody (alive or not), who would it be?
My great great grandparents
What is the top item on your bucket list at the moment?
Top item on my bucket list would be to own my own house!
What was your dream job when you were a child?
Professional Skateboarder/Race Car Driver
What book are you currently reading?
Rich Dad/Poor Dad (again)
What is one piece of advice you would give to your past self?
Keep pushing and make it happen! No one else will make it happen for you…
What is the most rewarding aspect of working with your borrowers?
– The end goal of making their home ownership dreams come true!
What is the biggest goal in your career that you are currently working towards?
That would be to have a huge book of business and solely do referral business. I want to be THE mortgage guy for my friends and family.
What is the most difficult aspect of your profession?
Motivation is key for staying on top for any entrepreneurship type of profession.
What motivates you the most in life?
– The BIG picture motivates me the most in life right now. I know I’ll reach my dreams/goals, I just have to keep pushing!
What is the most important thing you have learned during your career?
Take it day by day and things don’t always go as planned. There’s always a new opportunity the next day.
How do you want to impact the lives of your clients?
I definitely want to impact their lives in a positive way of course. If I can’t do that first and foremost then I’ve failed them. They came to us for help with home ownership and our goal is to get them there.