1st Cast



Fund Strategy

1st Cast Opportunity Fund (the “Fund”) aims to provide investors with access to high-yield investments secured by Residential and Commercial Real Estate. The Fund focuses on (1) purchasing high-yield discounted performing mortgages (2) purchasing discounted non-performing mortgages (3) purchasing high-yield mortgages and assets and (4) purchasing undervalued real estate assets. The strategy is to buy, then refinance/rework, hold to maturity for full gain or re-trade for gain. All investments are secured by Real Estate.

Hard Money loans have historically offered superior risk-adjusted returns. Collateralized by Real Estate: Low LTV, High-Yield and Short Terms (1-2 years).

Current holdings

Fund Details

  • Offering Size: $100 million
  • Minimum Investment: $100,000
  • Fund Term: Five years
  • Lock Up: 1 Year
  • Target Yield: 8-10%
  • Equity Member Return:
    80/20 to investor yield of 8% preferred 
    60/40 above 20%
  • Management Fee: 2% of committed capital
  • Distributions: Quarterly
  • Leverage: At the discretion of the Manager, leverage may be used to enhance fund returns

Historical Data

  • 3rd Quarter 2020 Return: 19%
  • 4th Quarter 2020 Return: 15.3%
  • 1st Quarter 2021 Return: 10.24%
  • 2nd Quarter 2021 Return: 13%

Investment Criteria

  • Fund Strategy: Real Estate Debt & Assets
  • Geography: Nationwide
  • Collateral Type: Residential and Commercial Properties


Bob Eakin
Jcap Financial Group
Email: bob@jcap.net
Phone: 949-622-6199



About Jcap Private Lending

Jcap Private Lending is a direct lender who closes and services investor funded short-term real estate loans. Jcap’s experienced team has been providing quality mortgage services for over 30 years. As of April 30, 2020, Jcap services over $80 million in short-term Real Estate loans. Historically, Jcap’s Investors have made an average of 9.4%,.