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Business Loan? Yes

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If you don’t qualify for a traditional business loan, you can easily apply for a collaterized business loan with the best private lender in California – JCAP Private Lending. Because your business loan will be backed by your real estate, the approved project is fast. This is great news for business owners with big right offs challenged credit or if you are opening a new business.

Loan-to-Value Ratio

Once your business loan application is accepted, our relationship managers will give you a competitive estimate based on the loan-to-value ratio that your real estate provides. This means that the details of your hard money loan depend primarily on the value of your property.

The Benefits of a Private Lender

Since JCAP Private Lending is not a traditional bank, our business loan process is quick and easy. We do not have to jump through hoops to fund your loan.
As a private lender, we are not required to follow the restrictions and regulations that your local bank forces upon you. Therefore, your paperwork will be minimal and you should have your business loan in your hands in as little as one week.

Why Should I Choose JCAP Private Lending for my Business Loan?

The private lenders at JCAP care about you and your business.We keep a variety of loans – bridge loans, stated income loans, construction loans – for more than 30 years. Our short-term loans range from 3-36 months and we can even give you same day approval in most cases.

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