Bridge Loans

    Want to downsize, but want to find your next dream house before you sell? Yes

Did you think you had to sell to buy? Yes

Tired of losing out to cash buyers? Yes

We can help!

JCAP loans on Listed Properties.

JCAP Private Lending specializes in Bridge loans.
If you can’t sell your house but already have your dream home picked out , then the private lenders at JCAP can help ease your stress with a bridge loan.
Therefore, you can fund your new home without having to rush your listed property.

Bridge loans for Bad Credit

Bridge loans allow a property owner to purchase a new home by borrowing equity from an existing property. Since your loan is secured by an existing property, our private lenders can accept a loan application from borrowers with average or bad credit.

Quick Loan Approvals

Are you sick of losing your dream home to cash buyers? The private lenders at JCAP offer quick approvals so you don’t have to wait around for your loan to go through. We can have your real estate loan processed and in your hands in as little as one week.

Commercial Bridge Loans

JCAP also offers commercial bridge loans. Commercial bridge loans can fund your new commercial property while you are waiting for your construction loan or permanent financing. Commercial bridge loans are short-term and are usually considered more complex than residential bridge loans. Therefore, this type of bridge loan may take longer to process.

Owner Occupied and Non Owner Occupied Bridge Loans

We offer owner occupied bridge loans and non owner occupied bridge loans. Owner occupied bridge loans generally take longer to process than non owner occupied loans, but our private lenders will make sure the funding process is as quick and easy as possible.

Easy Real Estate Loan Payments

JCAP Private Lending offers Interest Only Payments or a Pre-funded Interest Reserve account to help eliminate the

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