5 Best Coffee Places Around Orange County

Coffee shops have become the new trend around Sunny Southern California. The coffee shop culture has exploded, and there are many explanations in attempts to know why, but we don’t really know what has triggered them.  What we do know, is that it’s a place to have somewhere to sit and have a hot espresso/coffee and talk business, if desired. At Jcap Private Lending we live and die by espressos. We feel as if our best relationships are created when espressos are involved. Whether it takes place at the office or at one of our favorite local spots, VITALY (a shop at the CAMP in Costa Mesa, CA), a shot of espresso can open up conversation & have potential to contribute relationships in our Industry. That’s why we have decided to reveal our top 5 spots for COFFEE.

Vitaly Caffe

No surprise here. VITALY will always be our go-to spot. The customer service and the quality of the espresso will always beat other coffee shops, in our opinion.  VITALY doesn’t just serve espressos but they have an assortment of desserts and entrees to fulfill the customers needs as well. This is a great place to relax with a cup of espresso and indulge in something sweet. The decor of Vitaly has an upbeat and casual look, perfect for a nice conversation. In this setting, with the company of a business partner or potential business relationship, individuals can discuss business needs/deals in an inviting, comfortable & overall relaxing environment. Overall, Vitaly has a “make you feel at home” Vibe.

2. Kéan Coffee

“I don’t get my coffee anywhere else” – CEO Bob Eakin. Kean Coffee is a modernized coffee house providing Newport Beach with a vibrant place to meet. They have one of the highest quality, fresh roasted, coffee’s in Orange County. At Kean Coffee they don’t just believe about serving great coffee but doing it in the best possible manner. Their friendly staff will have you coming back.  The modernized coffee house gives you an upbeat and vibrant conversation for friends, business meetings, or dates!

3. Alta Coffee

Alta Coffee has been a go-to spot for our Marketing Director Rosie Meyer. “I always stop by every morning”! – Rosie Meyer. When it comes to coffee, Alta spices it up. Alta offers a unique menu with live performances from the community. Alta serves great coffee and creates a platform to showcase amazing artists around the area. This coffeehouse continues to be a place to serve affordable food and coffee for their community. That’s why it has people coming back every week!

4. Neat Coffee

“The friendliest neighborhood coffee shop” – Aaron Siefker. Aaron’s experience at Neat Coffee is one to remember. He says that he hasn’t been to a friendlier coffee shop. At Neat Coffee, they know what they are talking about. Baristas serve great coffee and smiles everyday!

5. Jcap Private Lending

Although Jcap Private Lending  isn’t your typical coffee shop, they do carry some of the best brands of espresso. Our employees love scheduling meetings here and creating quality relationships with our clients. We believe that something as simple as a cup of coffee, or how Jcap likes it a shot of espresso, can go a long way in building a relationship. We believe in having quality coffee just as we believe in having quality loans.

Coffee shops have become the go to spot for conversation and new relationships. Overall they have changed the atmosphere of Sunny California and has given people a new way to enjoy their time and conversations. Give these local businesses some love and stop by their amazing coffee shops.